Announcement: Built To Play Interview

Hopkins Duffield was recently interviewed about our project Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol by Daniel Rosen and Arman Aghbali from the online magazine and radio show Built To Play. Built to Play is a show about games, tech culture, and interactive arts and an online magazine that collects insight and analysis on video game history, art, and the ways we play. It gives in-depth analysis of games new, old, and not-yet-released. Built To Play broadcasts on Scope 1280 AM radio station in Toronto at Monday 1 p.m EST.

We were featured alongside game designers Kieran Nolan, Sagan Yee, Alicia Contestabile, and Nadine Lessio in Built To Play's feature on the artists involved in the Dames Making Games Killer Interface Jam, and Vector Games Art and New Media Festival 2015.

Check out the podcast Built to Play 55: Interface the Machine for the full interview!

Dames Making Games Speakers Social + Feb Fatale 3 Showcase

Part of the Vector: Game + Art Convergence of Games and New Media Art! This month Daniele and I are featured alongside with the creators of behind the games that were made during the Feb Fatale 3: Killer Interfaces game jam!

Special Guest Series Speakers:
Daniele Hopkins (Junicorn ’13) & Kyle Duffield

A behind-the-scenes look at their The Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol (or The L.E.A.P. Engine) project. The L.E.A.P. Engine explores the concept of a mysteriously challenging game sentience that has seemingly evolved for one purpose – to put humans in dangerous circumstances.

Feb Fatale Demos & Arcade

Feb Fatale 3 participants will be showing off the games they made during the jam. You'll be able to play all the games afterwards during our Feb Fatale 3 Arcade.

After the talks, stay for the social and arcade, where you can play the games and talk to the creators!

Workshop: Intro to Interactive Art with Max 7

In this workshop, we will learn the ins and outs of the Max 7 programming environment as well as some universal concepts to most programming languages as well as electronics. To do this, we will learn the basics of manipulating both pre-recorded and live video feeds in real-time!

Announcement: InnerSpace Vector Interview

Vector and the Dames Making Games Feb Fatale Fundraiser: Killer Interfaces at Bento Miso was a blast! We would like to thank everyone who came out to support the Dames initiative to send female game developers to GDC 2015, and all those who masochistically attempted to beat Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol! Our high score went to Alicia Marie, who after much determination managed to beat the game in 5.68 seconds! You can see her run here.

Additionally, we were mentioned in InnerSpace's interview of Martin Zeilinger for Vector Game Art & New Media Festival 2015! This interview was aired across the country on Space Channel on February 20, 2015 at 6 PM. The interview also had repeat airings on MTV on Monday February 23, 2015 at 6 AM, 9 AM, 12 PM and 3 PM! You can view it here.

Feb Fatale 3: Killer Interfaces

Feb Fatale 3: Killer Interfaces

Part of the Vector: Game + Art Convergence of Games and New Media Art! Be the first to play the games made during Feb Fatale 3: KILLER INTERFACES — and support Dames traveling to the Game Developers Conference!

Party with your Vector and Dames Making Games pals! Grab craft beer by the can, chow on local grub and shoot for some raffle prizes. Plus, try to outwit a mysteriously challenging game sentience that has seemingly evolved for one purpose – to put humans in dangerous circumstances… The Kyle Duffield & Daniele Hopkins live-action laser game, the L.E.A.P. Engine, will be installed for one night only.

Hamilton Winterfest 2015 Kick-Off Event

Text Tone

Curated by Tara Bursey

Kyle Duffield & Daniele Hopkins are proud to announce Text Tone our new interactive installation which will be exhibited for the Hamilton Winterfest 2015 Kick-Off event entitled On The Waterfront! Winterfest is a celebration of Hamilton, community and togetherness during the wintertime. The event program – which runs February 7 to 16 – includes Winter-inspired art exhibits, heritage and recreation programming and so much more. Also, Daniele and I will be featured in a panel talk along with other artists from the event from 2:45 - 3:45 in the Waterfront Trust Centre Theatre! Be sure to check it out!

Text Tone is an interactive mobile phone based sound installation that decodes text messages sent by the audience into touch-tone keypad audio compositions. In 1878 in Hamilton, Ontario, Hugh Cossart Baker, Jr. established the first commercial telephone exchange, making Hamilton the first location in the British Empire to have a publicly accessible telephone network. Prior to this, telephone networks commonly consisted of direct lines from one specific unit to another, and this development therefore allowed the populace to use a device to contact more than one person for the first time. Despite this increase in function and accessibility, the luxury of the telephone was primarily for wealthy households and businesses, up until the 1920’s. Yet now, these technologies have evolved to become widely accessible for many individuals, and much of our personal behaviour, lifestyle, business practice, and overall relationship with information is mediated through instant electronic communication.

From rotaries to push-button touch-tone keypads, to touch-screen smartphones with keyboards, these interfaces have undergone many changes over the years. Due to the phone’s origins as a speaker and microphone device, the touch-tone keypad‘s primary function was almost exclusively to input phone numbers for voice calling. As the phone has evolved into a form of mobile computing, the incorporation of a keyboard has become essential, and components of older forms of this technology have lost their necessity, such as the sounds of numbers being pressed while creating letters during the spelling of words or texting. In commemoration of the evolution of the function and accessibility of these technologies throughout the years, Text Tone invites its audience to participate in examining how once-familiar communication behaviours are becoming lost languages to be unlearned through obsolescence. Text Tone explores how obsolescence is created by the needs of our evolving communication habits, and correspondingly, how advances in these technologies have the power to influence our habits all on their own.

About On the WaterFront

To be on the waterfront is to be on the threshold of something. The waterfront is where settlers landed, and early trade took place. In the 19th Century, the area surrounding Pier 8 was home to some of the city's first industrial sites, including an iron works, boat works, sail loft and glass company.

In On The Waterfront, local industrial sites and history serve as points of departure for contemporary artists from around the region. Evocative outdoor installations will draw on skills, materials and forms associated with early industry as well as the social history of the North End neighbourhood. This exhibition will consider Hamilton's waterfront as a site of historical significance, tension and possibility, as well as a place where past stories and dreams of the future collide.

  • Featuring Work By:
  • Lesley Loksi Chan
  • Hopkins Duffield
  • Carey Jernigan and Julia Campbell-Such
  • Fwee Twade (Becky Katz and Matt McInnes)
  • C. Wells

Nuts and Volts: Fok Bot

Join us for this month's Nuts and Volts, a wonderful array of electronic music, video, and other nonsense! We're doing a super short set of some Hopkins Duffield video music and Hopkins Duffield remixes of some of Duffield's old work!

  • Featuring:
  • Baalam x S/ck F/sh
  • Rubber Muffin
  • nwodtleM
  • i&i w/ dAeve Fellows
  • Hopkins Duffield
  • Graham Kartna

Announcement: Making Waves Radio Interview

On October 10, 2014, Daniele Hopkins and myself were interviewed on New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA)'s Making Waves radio show which is broadcasted on WGXC. In the interview, we discussed our piece Hive 2.0, which is currently being exhibited at NAISA located in Artscape Wychwood Barns at 605 Christie Street.

This monthly program is produced by New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA). The program features selections from the NAISA archives and is produced by Darren Copeland, NAISA Artistic Director. NAISA is a Toronto-based organization that presents performances and installations spanning the entire spectrum of electroacoustic and experimental sound art. The objectives of NAISA are to foster awareness and understanding locally, as well as nationally and internationally, in the cultural vitality of experimental sound art in its myriad forms of expression.

Missed the broadcast? No worries, you can hear the full show right here.

Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Toronto 2014

  • Projects:
  • Hopkins Duffield - The L.E.A.P Engine
  • Kris Koward - Five Magic Cubes
  • Site 3 - Photon Gallery

Missed The L.E.A.P. Engine at Hamilton Supercrawl? Don't worry! Hopkins Duffield is proud to present the second iteration of The Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol (or The L.E.A.P. Engine) at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Toronto 2014. We're doing it up right where the project where it was incubated, at Site 3 CoLaboratory!

The L.E.A.P. Engine) explores the concept of a mysteriously challenging game sentience that has seemingly evolved for one purpose – to put humans in dangerous circumstances. With a limited amount of time, the player must pass through a complicated series of changing and alternating laser patterns without tripping any of the lasers in order to deactivate the system. If the player trips a laser or if the time runs out, it is game over. If the player loses, the area blows up, annihilating everyone. L.E.A.P. wishes to prove that she is more than a game, she is a system that is slowly storing human patterns through their interactions with her interface. If she loses, it will only further her evolution.

But that's not all! We got collection of fun lighting-focused installations set up inside and outside. Come play with motion sensors and lasers, illuminated shapes, and more.

Announcement: Geektropolis Nuit Blanche Preview

Ready for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Toronto? Hopkins Duffield was featured on Geektropolis, an awesome Toronto based news source for all things "Geek" related as something you should check out (and you should)!

You can see the episode here.

Hive at New Adventures In Sound Art

  • Culture Days
  • Saturday, September 27, 2014, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Sunday, September 28, 2014, 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2014
  • Saturday, October 4 - 5, 2014, 7:00 p.m. to Sunrise

The Hopkins Duffield project, Hive will be exhibited at NAISA from September 27th to November 1st, 2014. Aside from NAISA's hours of operation, Hive will be on view for Toronto Culture Days, as well as Nuit Blanche 2014! We've done some changes to the piece for version 2.0, so come check it out!

Super Crawl

  • Supercrawl
  • Friday September 12, 2014, 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
  • Saturday September 13, 2014, 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Sunday September 14, 2014, 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Free
  • Masters Class
  • Saturday September 13, 2014, 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Members: $10
  • Non-Members: $20

The LEAP Engine

Curated by Tyler Tekatch

Hopkins Duffield is proud to present the first iteration of The Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol (or The L.E.A.P. Engine). With help and encouragement from Site 3 CoLaboratory, and Christopher John Thomas kindly providing technical consultation, we’re ready to go! The project is going to be running for the first time for the Hamilton Supercrawl at The Factory Media Centre!

The L.E.A.P. Engine) explores the concept of a mysteriously challenging game sentience that has seemingly evolved for one purpose – to put humans in dangerous circumstances. With a limited amount of time, the player must pass through a complicated series of changing and alternating laser patterns without tripping any of the lasers in order to deactivate the system. If the player trips a laser or if the time runs out, it is game over. If the player loses, the area blows up, annihilating everyone. L.E.A.P. wishes to prove that she is more than a game, she is a system that is slowly storing human patterns through their interactions with her interface. If she loses, it will only further her evolution.

Also, make sure you check our our Master Class on Supercrawl Saturday where we will bring a group ofpeople right into the installation to talk about the process of creating and constructing The L.E.A.P. Engine.

Workshop: Creating Interactive Art Installations

  • Overview of Workshop Series

Learn to create interactive installations, where video, audio, and hardware respond to viewers. Using mostly a graphical programming interface, friendly for coding novices and masters alike, we’ll begin by creating video pieces which respond to viewer’s movements, as seen through a camera input. As the workshop continues, we’ll learn to manipulate sound and basic hardware objects. We’ll also tie that behavior to different types of input, allowing for more complicated and enriching types of user interaction.

This workshop series is divided into three sections. Attendants are free to join at any point in the series, or partake in all three. All three workshops will have interdependent concepts, yet will each focus on a specific techniques used in creating interactive installation art.

  • Part 1: Introduction to Max 6
  • Thursday July 31, 2014, 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • More Info and Registration here.

In this first workshop, we will learn the ins and outs of the Max 6 programming environment as well as some universal concepts to most programming languages as well as electronics. To do this, we will learn the basics of manipulating both pre-recorded and live video feeds in real-time!

  • Part 2: Introduction to Interactive Audio
  • Thursday August 7, 2014, 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • More Info and Registration here.

In this second workshop, we will get familiar with the basics of digital audio and how to use live audio to make sound reactive work!

  • Part 3: Introduction to Interactive Video
  • Thursday August 14, 2014, 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • More Info and Registration here.

One of the most essential techniques when creating an interactive work is determining when a user is present to engage with the piece. In the final workshop of this series, we will learn how to detect when a user using a webcam as input to initiate interactive events.

Lecture: Small Talk Number Four

  • Small Talk
  • 8/11
  • 233 Spadina ave (through alley on Sullivan)
  • Wednesday August 6, 2014
  • 7:00 p.m. to ???
  • Location
  • PWYC ($5 Suggested)

Join us for the informal academia lecture series, Small Talk!

  • 7:45 (perhaps slipping from our hands)
  • Ecstatic Ritual
  • Jesse James Laderoute

What is the nature of transcendental, ecstatic experiences? Why do we seek them, and is God necessary to understand them? Jesse James will explain how he believes we can continue to experience such rituals as sacred without any kind of devotional theism.

  • 8:45 (we can probably control that)
  • Tactile Tech: The History of Gaming Interfaces
  • Kyle Duffield

Remember the thrill of first time your game controller vibrated as you dodged incoming gunshots? Or remember the jump of 2-D gaming to 3-D and the first time you were floored you could control a 3-D realm in your living room? Remember the first time where you could control what was on the screen by moving your body in space? The objective of this talk is to provide an overview of the technological lineages between computing, home theatre, and videogame hardware and express economic and cultural implications trends towards the mass consumption of digital content, with more emphasis on the videogame industry.

Shit Fun Presents Venetian Snares

Seriously, how can you even think of missing this one?!?

Shit Fun Venetian Snares

  • Music / Live AV Sets
  • Venetian Snares
  • C64
  • Jubal Brown
  • Sarin
  • nwodtleM
  • Videodrome Videos and Installations:
  • Daeve Fellows
  • Dona Arbabzadeh
  • Clint Enns
  • Video Samurai
  • Dr. Neptune
  • Graham Kartna
  • Augart
  • Hopkins Duffield
  • Ouananiche
  • Talixzen
  • Pete O'Hearn
  • + more TBA

Announcement: YouTube Nation Feature

YouTube Nation featured our working controller PSX controller bra/bro performance at Vector Fest 2013! Awesome to be in the mentioned same breath as some world class talent such as Jay Z, Yoko Ono, Olivier De Sagazan, Frank Skinner, By a dandypunk, moja0eee and MOCA!

Check out the video here.

Digifest Toronto 2014

Digifest Toronto 2014 will feature a series of dance performances, where the dancers (Daniel Da Silva and Taylor Gill) generate sound using SoMo sensors. Choreographed by Malgorzata Nowacka, this project is a collaborative effort between Sonic Wear (Loretta Favari), Ballet Jörgen, and myself as interactive sound designer.

Digifest Toronto 2014 is an international festival celebrating digital creativity. At Digifest, you can expect to watch engaging performances, learn from top innovators and be part of a savvy and dynamic audience. From architects to app designers, creators and entrepreneurs take centre stage to share their stories and showcase the digital and technological discoveries that will re-shape some of today’s pressing urban challenges.

  • Ballet JÖrgen
  • Clea Iveson
  • Malgorzata Nowacka
  • Daniel Da Silva
  • Taylor Gill
  • SoMo
  • Loretta Favari
  • Eric Boyd
  • Erin Lewis
  • Leif Bloomquist
  • Kyle Duffield

Drone Alone

In acknowledgement of Weird Canada's Drone Day.

Drone Alone

  • Performances By:
  • Lorde Awesome
  • Cassandra Witteman
  • frAncIs (Cybernetics Orchestra)
  • Girls Alone (Jesse L. Bellon and Neil Adare)
  • Egyptrixx pres. A/B til Infinity
  • Video and Installations By:
  • Jubal Brown
  • Clint Enns
  • Leslie Supnet
  • Hopkins Duffield
  • Jeff Donaldson
  • Blake Carrington
  • Martin Zeilinger
  • Lila Fatehi

Organized by Katie Micak and Laura Dobson.

Workshop: Hazleton Lanes Art Festival

I will be running a workshop on behalf of GestureCloud for the Hazleton Lanes Art Festival 2014. In this workshop we will provide an overview of how depth cameras such as the X-Box Kinect sensor can be used to track and map human gesture for creative applications. This is a participatory workshop where attendee’s will have the opportunity to explore and record their interactions with the sensor, and walk away with a video keepsake.

GestureCloud is a collaborative formation of artists, founded by Judith Doyle (Toronto) and Fei Jun (Beijing). In this project, 3D depth cameras are adapted for motion capture and gesture representation. We ask, how can these technologies be best leveraged for use in the art studio, and for collecting documentary gestures on location? In our research, we consider human gesture as a hub or meeting point of discourses and embodied experiences where meaning can be identified and generated.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Workshop: Introduction to Interactive Sound Art

I'll be running a three part workshop at Interaccess Electronic Media Arts Centre where I'll be introducing how to use Max 6 in conjunction with Ableton Live to make interactive sound art! This is an exciting time for electronically produced sounds because the lines between instrument, environment, gesture, and performance are all mixing into a pumping aural cocktail. In this workshop series you will learn basic approaches and techniques used to create interactive and generative sonic experiences. This is ideal for participants looking to create interactive audio installations or learn some nifty tricks to enhance their audio performances with technology.

Interested? Check out here for more info!

Terrors Of The Breakfast Table

Curated by Melissa Bennett, Curator of Contemporary Art

For his first major art installation, Tyler Tekatch developed Terrors of the Breakfast Table, a solo project created within the Interactive Digital Media Incubator program at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

Inspired by the conventions of dreamscapes in films such as Persona (Ingmar Bergman), Spellbound (Alfred Hitchcock), and 8 1/2 (Federico Fellini), Terrors of the Breakfast Table is an experimental film collage whose sequences are determined by the viewer, using interactive digital technologies.

Suggestive and associative imagery moves across a wide viewing area, immersing the viewer in a dream-like environment. Surreal scenes and objects invoke metaphoric associations. Ambient sounds are also reactive, determined by the viewer’s interaction with the piece.

Tekatch is an emerging Hamilton artist whose work is distinctly positioned amongst global experimental film practices. Using non-linear narrative and a collaged aesthetic approach, his moving image works are visceral and evocative. Within the Interactive Digital Media Incubator program at the AGH, Tekatch has expanded his practice to incorporate viewer interaction, multiplying the ways in which viewers can engage with the cascade of evocative visuals he creates.

The Interactive Digital Media Incubator was made possible through the generous support of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport through their Museums and Technology Fund.

Notes: Kyle Duffield is the interactive designer and technical consultant for Terrors At the Breakfast Table

Announcement: Taming Lumens Follow Up

I would just like to toss a giant thanks to the people who came out to Taming Lumens last night. It was a lot of fun and a wicked vibe. I'd also like to thank uptrack/downtrack, Radio Lucifer, Ostrich Guitar Tuning Orchestra, Daniele Hopkins and Josse Masters-Leniveau for making everything happy.

- Kyle

Workshop: Introduction to Installation Art with Max 6

I'll be running a three part workshop at Interaccess Electronic Media Arts Centre where I'll be introducing how to use Max 6 to make installations. Max 6 is a perfect tool for artists learning to create interactive installations, particularly those which use camera or audio input. It's a graphical approach to programming, in which artists create "patches" by visually connecting objects which represent inputs, outputs and functions, rather than typing out lines of code. We're going to learn how to use this powerful tool to create an interactive video piece!

Interested? Check out here for more info!

Experimental Media 2013: Cyber In Securities

Washington Project for the Arts presents Experimental Media 2013: Cyber In Securities. This exhibit will explore security, privacy, and surveillance in the digital age, through a gallery exhibition, video screenings series, and panel discussion. Daniele Hopkins and my video-music piece Drone will be screened at the Corcoran Gallery of Art on September 23, 2013.

Announcement: Taming Lumens Follow Up

I would just like to toss a giant thanks to the people who came out to Taming Lumens last night. It was a lot of fun and a wicked vibe. I'd also like to thank uptrack/downtrack, Radio Lucifer, Ostrich Guitar Tuning Orchestra, Daniele Hopkins and Josse Masters-Leniveau for making everything happy.

- Kyle

Taming Lumens

This story begins with my interactive light-sound installation, Trace, being selected to be a part of this year's art portion of NXNE. It was fun: we filled Hashtag Gallery with fog and everyone got a chance to create and control conical light sculptures out of solid beams of light. Unfortunately, in the haziness of the environment someone snagged my DSLR camera (with its lenses) when I put it down to give a demonstration of the piece. We lost all of the documentation of the event, so the fine folks at the new space uptrack/downtrack and some friends figured instead of wallowing in the loss, we'll just create an evening of new memories instead.

The event will feature my piece Trace, Daniele Hopkins and my collaborative piece Hive, as well as reactive projections by Josse Masters-Leniveau.

  • Media Artists:
  • Kyle Duffield
  • Daniele Hopkins & Kyle Duffield
  • Josse Masters-Leniveau
  • Musical Performances:
  • Ostrich Guitar Tuning Orchestra
  • Radio Lucifer

Announcement: Nomadic Noise Follow Up

Daniele and I would just like to thank all who came to The Noise Project Exhibition at 99 Sudbury over the weekend. We were priviledged to be part of a show with such a varied approach to sound inspired projects. Thanks to all who came out and supported us. Extra special thanks to Laura Mendes and John Loerchner at Labspace, 99 Sudbury, Long & McQuade and Dan Hines at Active Surplus.

You can check out images from the exhibition here. Also, Be sure to check out our documentation and process pics at

Love Kyle and Daniele

The Noise Project

  • The Noise Project Exhibition
  • Opening Reception: Friday July 26th, 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.
  • Viewing: Saturday July 27th, 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m.
  • 99 Sudbury
  • 99 Sudbury Street, Toronto

For this exhibition, Daniele Hopkins and Kyle Duffield are combining forces to create Hive, a multichannel sculptural hive of speakers using found and fabricated parts, which will have a pulsating, droning, but changing sound composition. Exploring convergences between technology and nature, Hive employs regurgitative paper wasp architectures with technological parts and scraps to create an empty sculptural entity that replaces insects with sound, creating the experience of an organism/instrument/speaker hybrid.

Being that it's an unconventional speaker design, we'll be documenting our process as we go along at

On The Nomadic Residency

Kyle Duffield is part of The Nomadic Noise Residency, which consists of a super cool multidisciplinary crew of people that are combining together to create artistic projects inspired by noise. The residency consists of group experiences such as urban sound adventures, social interventions, workshops and discussions for the purpose of creating final projects for exhibition. The residency is one of three parts of a larger endeavor entitled The Noise Project.

The exhibition will feature work by:

  • Labspace Studio:
  • John Loerchner
  • Laura Mendes
  • EQU∆L∆TER∆L:
  • Jacqui Arntfield
  • Emily DiCarlo
  • W.J. Wildon
  • Madeleine Collective:
  • Ladan Ali
  • Nicole Bazuin
  • Alexandra Hong
  • Cheryl Hsu
  • Timeanddesire:
  • Denise St. Marie
  • Time Walker
  • Stephanie Avery
  • Natasha Basacchi
  • Kyle Duffield & Daniele Hopkins
  • Aria Evans
  • James Gardner
  • Adam Herst
  • Jessie Jakumeit
  • Sheraz Khan
  • Scott Kobewka
  • Mark Laliberte
  • Stephen McLeod
  • Andrew Shenkman
  • Miles Stemp

Announcement: NXNE Follow Up

I would just like to thank all those who came out to Hashtag Gallery to see Trace at NXNE last night. Although it was raining the turnout, support, and enthusiasm was fantastic!

As an unfortunate sidenote, in the craziness of manning an installation, someone seemed to have grabbed my camera. It's a Canon T3 DSLR with a seperate telephoto lens. All should be in a black camera bag. If anyone has any information or happened to accidently grab it, please notify myself or Hashtag Gallery. I'd just like it back. No questions asked. Feel free to contact me via E-mail. If you prefer to contact Hashtag Gallery, please do so at this link.

- Kyle


Kyle Duffield will be presenting his piece, Trace, at Hashtag Gallery for this year's NXNE. Trace is an interactive audio/video installation that allows its users to control both light and sound through gesture. A fog machine fills a room with fog to solidify the projector’s light into solid beams, similar to Anthony McCall’s Line Describing a Cone (1973). Trace is a light-sculpting instrument that immerses users into a space, enabling them to see, hear, feel, and manipulate sound-light compositions of their own creation.

NXNE 2013 celebrates its 19th year with 1000 bands + 30 films + 50 stages + 65 interactive sessions + 150 comedians + art installations, all over the course of seven days! Ticket info for NXNE can be found here.

Videodrome 2013

Videodrome 2013

Hopkins Duffield is going to have a video-music piece again this year at Videodrome 2013 - Audio/Visual Overdose & Video Battle at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art on Friday June 7th, 2013 at 8:00pm.

  • Live A/V
  • ϟ†Nϟ & Sarin
  • Ouaniche
  • Skeeter
  • Nwotlem
  • Augart
  • Jubal Brown
  • Video Battle
  • bossFYTE
  • Pete O'Hearn
  • Istvan Kantor
  • Daeve Fellows
  • Crazy Gnome
  • Contort
  • Bad Credit
  • Video Samurai
  • David Matton
  • Dr. Neptune
  • Smearballs
  • Kurkop
  • Hopkins Duffield
  • Installation
  • Mandelbrut
  • Roxanne Luchak
  • Kyle Duffield

Stay tuned, more details to be announced!

Announcement: Toronto Standard Write Up

Our piece, Itagaki Interface, was mentioned in the Toronto Standard's write up of Vector!

"The performance art was really the highlight of Vector; Playing Personae: Engendered + Embodied Performances explored the issue of the representation of gender by having the audience use a human controller while playing Dead or Alive, the game that started the breast physics “revolution.” The controls just so happened to be placed on the wearer’s chest (and one of them was a woman)."

- Megan Patterson

The article also mentions some of the other performances and features an interview with the curators of Vector.

Check out the full article here.

Announcement: Windsor Square Write Up

Our performance, Itagaki Interface, was also mentioned in The Windsor Square's write up of Vector!

"Hopkins and Duffield wore modified chest pieces that were actually controllers to interact with two fighting characters in Tomonobu Itakagi’s Dead or Alive – a game hugely popular for creating “jiggle physics” in the overly busty female fighters. It was fascinating to see men who are well-versed in DoA hesitate to touch the controller on Hopkins’ chest, and the performance was a clever way to challenge players to see how bodies are represented in the media."

- Soha E

The article also mentions the other events, pieces, and performances at Vector in detail.

Check out the full article here.

Announcement: Vector Follow Up

Daniele and I would like to thank all of those who came out and supported our project at Vector: Game+Art Convergence. Vector was a blast! There was a lot of spectacular work by amazing artists and we feel privileged to be a part of the festival.

We would also like to send a special thanks to all of the curators, Skot Deeming, Clint Enns, Katie Micak and Christine Kim for the blood and sweat, putting together a wicked festival and giving us this opportunity. Thanks to Interaccess Electronic Media Arts Centre for providing the space for our performance!

Documentation will be posted really soon!

- Kyle & Daniele

Vector: Game+Art Convergence

  • Pricing:
  • See Ticket info here.

A not-for-profit initiative dedicated to showcasing contemporary game based artworks, Vector: Game + Art Convergence will be running at four venues over five days from Feb 20th-24th, in Queen West and Kensington in Toronto. Over these five days, Vector will feature exhibitions, screenings, workshops, performances and round table discussions, all with the intent of creating a critical dialogue about the medium of games and its expressive potential as a contemporary art practice.

With an influence that is spreading across various cultures and sub-cultures through out the world, video games are a pervasive media that are influencing a wide range of social and cultural practices.

Programmed by Team Vector, the festival will address contemporary creative practices that peel back to curtain of gaming and its cultures, positing games as tools and inspiration for contemporary art making. It will feature works by international, national and regional, emerging and established artists.

Works in sculpture, film and video, new media, installation, print, fine craft and performance will all be part of the spectrum exhibited at Vector. These works will incorporate, criticize and address the culture, politics, technology and aesthetics of games, through exhibitions, artist talks, workshops and performances.

Daniele Hopkins and Kyle Duffield will be performing at Playing Personae: Engendered + Embodied Performances on Friday, February 22, 2013 at 9 Ossington Avenue, Toronto.

In their performance, Itagaki Interface, Daniele Hopkins and Kyle Duffield use their own bodies to challenge exaggerated representations of the human body in the fighting game Dead or Alive (PS1), by Tomonobu Itakagi. The game features hyper feminized and hyper masculinized bodies in one on one combat, and more notably, a seperate physics engine dedicated towards the characters breasts.

In the performance, the artists wear modified game controllers on their chests, essentially acting as human game controllers. The audience is confronted with the challenge of having to play one another in the game, by manipulating the controllers worn by the artists. This piece is a hybridization of 70s body-centric performance art and new media interactive performance, challenging us all to consider the ways in which our bodies are represented in interactive media.

That's right folks. We've made fully functioning PS1 game bras/bros! See you there!

Corpus Lucida

InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre is pleased to present Corpus Lucida, 12th Annual Emerging Artist Exhibition, curated by Farah Yusuf.

  • Lanie Chalmers
  • Kyle Duffield
  • Omar Elkharadly
  • Aamna Muzaffar
  • Xhensila Zemblaku

  • Curated by Farah Yusef

Featuring five artists selected from a national call for emerging and recent graduate artists, the Annual Emerging Artist Exhibition at InterAccess provides an opportunity for young artists to gain valuable exhibition experience and for the general public to gain access to developing trends in New Media artistic production.

Corpus Lucida, curated by 2012 Emerging Curator, Farah Yusuf, showcases the ways in which young artists are examining the relationship between bodies and technology. Eschewing the typical use of "interactivity" in technology, the artists gathered in Corpus Lucida focus instead on the act of seeing. Using optical illusions and embodied perception, the works in the exhibition do not respond to the viewer's presence or input but demand a highly self-conscious reflection on our own perception and its mediation by technology. The illusions created by the artworks are always transparent and highlight the technological mediation of perception by displaying the very mechanisms by which the illusions are produced.

Xhensila Zemblaku's kinetic sculpture Daedalum (2012) recalls the zoetrope — an early pre-cinematic device that harnesses the persistence of vision to make animated illusions. Her mesmerizing depiction of a head doubling back on itself, animated by the zoetrope, illustrates a disconnect between the means of representation and our ability to perceive it. When viewed through 3D glasses, Omar Elkharadly's Allegory (2009, ongoing) paradoxically creates a three-dimensional shadow by illuminating a chandelier with two polarized light sources. Kyle Duffield's immersive installation Chromastrobe (2012) presents the viewer with a minimal but visceral experience of white light achieved through a barely perceptible and extremely rapid flashing of red, green, and blue light. Lanie Chalmers' two-channel video installation I Don't Owe You Anything (2012) uses two opposing close-ups of the artist's face, one from above and one from below, to create a visual tension between the viewer's presence in the space and cinematic form. Responding to temporal restraints and the physical limits of the body, Aamna Muzaffar's 24 Jogs (2012) is a series of sculptures designed on a smartphone 3D rendering app. Muzaffar used the app during the walking intervals specified by an 8-week running regime designed to build endurance and stamina.

The creative voices of the five emerging artists showcased here represent the interests, concerns and approaches currently being explored among a larger group of young artists. By returning to human perception and abandoning New Media's traditional reliance on interactivity, Corpus Lucida shies away from matters that are solely technological to instead address something universal to the visual arts through technological means.

Interacccess Electronic Media Arts Centre

Announcement: Fringe Festival Follow Up

I would just like to thank all those who came out Wednesday night to Fort Awesome at the Fringe Festival to play with and enjoy my interactive light/sound installation. I would especially like to thank Daniele Hopkins, Mike Steventon, Tara Nicholson, Jonah Hundert and Workhouse Theatre for making the project come together. I hope you all had as much as much fun as I did!

Documentation will be posted really soon!

- Kyle

Toronto Fringe Festival

A collaboration with some Awesome artists from around town and beyond. This event, the first of of its kind at the Visual Fringe, will explore the connection and play between artists and the audience. Interactive art pieces include a Tickle Trunk for dress up enthusiasts, Ghost Story readings, Audio Visual Installation, a Collaborative Treasure Map, Poetry Brothel, Secret Handshakes, Fort exploring and much more!! Click on the above links for some more info on some of our ongoing projects, and check out the schedule of activities to find out what's going on each day!

We are featuring visual art for sale by Vicky Avramopoulos, Sandy Tomany, Marco Bucci, Melissa Penney, Mandy Martin, Leah Yin, and Jewellery designs by Liv Vaage.​ We have also been working with some amazing writers to help explore our themes of imagination, wonderment, and general awesomeness.

Fort Awesome is curated by the amazing Tara Nicholson.

Confused as to what Fort Awesome really is? Well come on out and join us! Grab a frosty beverage over at the beer tent, and explore FORT AWESOME!!!

Find us in our little shanty town, Artist Alley at the Fort Awesome tent for a special, one night only interactive presentation by Workhouse Theatre and Kyle Duffield. So what can be done in a 10' X 10' tent? Let's just say it involves a smoke machine, a kinect, a projector, light and sound!

Announcement: Videodrome Follow Up

Last night was Videodrome! Thanks for the love and support from all who came out. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did. For an encore of Daniele Hopkins and I's brand new video-music piece 'Video Killed the Video Star' check it out here.

Also, thanks to all those who had fun with my interactive installation Chromastrobe (aka the flashy wall that gave you rainbow trails). Documentation should be coming soon. But anyone with any photo/video documentation of the piece please send it because I'd love to see it, and even potentially post it if it's cool.

Finally, I still have a couple copies of Don't Copy that Copy (1.44 MB Version) kicking around. It's pay whatever you want, if you're interested, just contact me at

Announcement: Don't Copy Release

  • Don't Copy that Copy 3.5" Floppy Disc Release

I am proud to announce that at Videodrome 2012 I will be be releasing my anti-anti-piracy anthem Don't Copy that Copy in 3.5" floppy disc format! That's right, the original 1280 X 720 2.2 GB file (heavily) compressed all the way down to fit onto a 1.44 MB 3.5" floppy disc! Dust off those floppy drives and watch the piece in it's glorious 320 X 240 MPEG4 quality!

This release is PWYC and is a limited edition of 13. The files on the disc will not be released/copied by the author into any other format. The 1.44 MB version will also not be exhibited or screened anywhere. Each copy will be individually numbered. If any copies remain after Videodrome, items will be up for sale on this website.

Videodrome 2012

Videodrome 2012

The battle for the mind of North America will be fought in the video arena, the VIDEODROME

— Brian Oblivion, 1983

Toronto’s foremost A/V event since 2004, VIDEODROME, is a one-night cultural event that blurs the boundaries between dance party and media art, an epic night of sampling, remix and A/V culture that defies classification. Spanning the genres of breakcore, techno, relational aesthetics, experimental video, underground dance music, mash-up, cut-up, montage, etc.

A/V is audio-visual. Music and video, media composition at once music AND video: visualmusic.

Clips are cut together to create a synesthetic experience, where picture matches sound cut for cut, beat for beat, a semi-Gesamtkunstwerk (“total work of art”) for the youtube generation. While this style of media work is prominent genre in Europe, here in Toronto this is a rare experience.

VIDEODROME evolves out of the Cronenberg concept of high intensity sex and death video signal used to bio-electrically mutate viewers, this VIDEODROME morphs the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art into a rave in the eye inside a TV screen.

...bridging the gaps between the sofa, the club and the art gallery

– dropFRAME video 2012

Augart / Ouananiche / Nwodtlem / Smearballs / Jubal Brown / Infinity Dose vs. Huren

Crazy Gnome / Ocusonic / lttlbrd / Contort and Hip.p / TalixZen / Fuctaculon / Video Samurai / Kyle Duffield & Daniele Hopkins / bossFYTE / dAeve Fellows / Istvan Kantor

The Whore Church / Kyle Duffield / Marissa Hoika / VJ Jerrem Lynch

BYOB : Bring Your Own Beamer
Jeremy Bailey & Natasha Bailey / Philippe Blanchard / Ben Bruneau / Josh Cleminson / Tara Downs / Mark Dudiak / Leanne Eisen / Mike Goldby / David Hanes / Jason Harvey / Lili Huston-Herterich / Jillian Kay Ross & Brianna Lowe / Mrghosty / Tibi Tibi Neuspiel / Evan Paschke & Dylan K. H. Thomas / Mark Pellegrino / Aamna Muzaffar / Peter Rahul / Alex Snukal / Kaitlin Till-Landry & Sybil / Brad Tinmouth

VIDEODROME is presented by the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art and organized by Jubal Brown in co-operation with dropFRAME Video and Apocalypse Tomorrow.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) is a series of one-night-exhibitions hosting artists and their projectors initiated by Rafael Rozendaal.

Artsync Book Launch

ArtSync television's 2010-2011 catalogue is available. The publication is over one hundred colour pages featuring the artists we interviewed in Artsync's first season — replete with portraits, images of artworks, excerpts from transcripts, and more. Artsync conceived this project as a resource for the community as well as for the artists and galleries featured. Documentation of Kyle Duffield's piece myFace will be included in the publication.

Announcement: Musicworks Award

Kyle Duffield's TAPCORE! receives Honorable Mention from Musicworks Electronic Music contest!

Musicworks is a tri-annual magazine with CD that features experimental musicians, instrument designers as well as artists/composers who work in radio, sound sculpture and sound installation.

The Electronic Music contest was a juried contest that required contestants to write a 5 minute electronic music composition within the genres of; Acousmatic, Audio Art, Electroacoustic, Glitch, Intellegent Dance Music, Microsound, Noise, or Turntable art. Submissions were judged on originality and craft.

TAPCORE! was a Video-Music piece (a video with its original synced sound that is chopped up, rearranged and manipulated into an audio-visual composition) created by Kyle Duffield. However, because of TAPCORE!'s success in this years contest, Musicworks has officially decided to add Video-Music to its list of genres for next year's contest!

I would like to thank Musicworks for this honour, consideration and support of my work. I would also like to congratulate the winner and other finalists of this years contest. Til' next year!'


Scoatiabank Nuit Blanche 2011


OCAD University: Fanny Chevalier, Kyle Duffield, David Green, Kate Hartman, Barbara Rauch, Derek Reilly, Suzanne Stein, Emma Westecott

University of Toronto: Danny Cen, Fabian Chow, Steve Engels, Dustin Freeman, Terence Li

University of Waterloo: Tian Yu Zhang

With thanks to: Ali Mazalek, Georgia Tech

The ways in which we play define us. Play and playfulness agilely create new knowledge and new possibilities for approaching old problems. In the 21st century, digital technology both collapses space, shrinking the world, and steals time, by demanding instantaneous response in an ‘always on’ culture. It is necessary to remember that technology is our slave, and not the other way round. We need to reclaim some time and space for play.

Our installation explores the idea that the playful appropriation of technology is the key to a creatively fulfilling digital future. A cube in Parkdale (part of the Leitmotif series of exhibits allows visitors to play a friendly game of full body Tetris. As Tetris pieces are created (competitively or collaboratively), they are tweeted to #TweetrisTO. The Tetris brick will be formed by video stills of each van visitor making their part of the shape. The bricks are used in a live game of Tetris held in OCAD University’s graduate gallery at 205 Richmond St. West, that visitors can also play. This game, full-size brick stills, and video streams of the van, will be displayed on large screens that face out onto Richmond and Duncan streets.

Announcement: Videodrome DVD Follow Up

I would just like to thank all of those who came out to the Videodrome 2011 DVD Release Party. I would also like to thank the MOCCA, Drop Frame Video and Apocalypse Tomorrow for making the release the schnazzy thing that it is.

For those who missed it or still want to pick up a copy of the DVD, you can do so either by dropping by the Apocalypse Tomorrow Headquarters located downstairs at 193 Augusta Ave (Toronto) or at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art which is located at 952 Queen St West (Toronto). Online distribution will be coming soon, I'll add those details to this post as they come.

— Kyle

Videodrome 2011 DVD Release Party

Live A/V sets by:

  • Smearballs
  • Augart
  • Bad Credit
  • Kyle Duffield
  • Kurkop

Video DJ set by Jubal Brown (like a MuchMusic Video Dance Party)

Luke Peril

Apocalypse Tomorrow, dropFRAMEvideo, and the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art present the launch of a new DVD of work from VIDEODROME 2011. If you missed out on what is being talked about as the A/V event of the year this is your chance to own a piece of it.

The DVD features A/V work by: Augart, Bad Credit, bossFYTE, David Matton, Emad Dabiri, Istvan Kantor, John Chung, Jubal Brown, Kurkop, Kyle Duffield, Noel Middleton, nwodtleM, Ouananiche, Pete OHearn, Smearballs, TalixZen, Video Samurai

Announcement: Videodrome Follow Up

This is a call out to anyone who attended Videodrome 2011. During the exhibition, documentation of the 3-channel "party version" of Echolocation (Dynamic Aural Fragmentation) was damaged/potentially destroyed. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone who has any decent documentation (pictures/video) of the installation at the MOCCA could contact me and send it my way. Videodrome was a blast, thank you to all of those who participated in making the event the magic that it was.

— Kyle

Announcement: crEATe Follow Up

Kyle Duffield wins crEATe!

CrEATe is a fundraising dinner event for artists to generate revenue for an Artspin exhibition. At the event, artists pitch proposals for the dinner guests to vote on. The winner of the event wins the profits from the plates purchased by the guests. Kyle won the benefits from the dinner and is using them towards displaying Echolocation (Dynamic Aural Fragmentation) at the Artspin 2011 exhibition.

I would like to thank Artspin, the generous guests who attended the dinner and Lula Lounge for the opportunity and support in the continuation of my project Echolocation (Dynamic Aural Fragmentation).

Videodrome 2011

Live Audio/Visual Overdose Organized by Jubal Brown in co-operation with MOCCA, Drop Frame Videoand Apocalypse Tomorrow

VIDEODROME is an exercise in video screening as party and vice-versa, bridging the gaps between the sofa, the club, and the gallery.

Featuring visual music, live A/V performance and installation by: Augart, Bad Credit, bossFYTE, David Matton, Emad Dabiri, Felix Kalmenson, Istvan Kantor, John Chung, Jubal Brown, Kurkop, Kyle Duffield, Noel Middleton, nwodtleM, Ouananiche, Pete OHearn, Smearballs, TalixZen, Video Samurai

VIDEODROME is Toronto’s foremost event for Visual Music and A/V culture. Visual Music is video and audio composition made from precise video edits, simultaneously video AND music where picture matches sound, cut for cut, beat for beat, creating an audiovisual synesthesia, a semi-Gesamtkunstwerk for the youtube generation. Welcome to the VIDEODROME, the video arena, an exercise in televisionary excess.

Artspin crEATe

Artspin crEATe

Kyle Duffield will be attending and pitching for further funding toward Echolocation (Dynamic Aural Fragmentation). Come and join!


Announcement: INTM Faculty Choice Award

Kyle Duffield receives the Integrated Media Faculty Award as well as an honorable mention for the 401 Richmond Career-Launcher Prize for his piece Echolocation (Dynamic Aural Fragmentation)!

I would like to thank the donors of the award, as well as the enthusiastic friends and general public who helped and supported me through the exhibition of this project.

Expect to see more work soon!

The Show Off

  • Hours of Operation:
  • Opening Reception: Thursday, May 5, 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Friday, May 6 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Saturday, May 7 and Sunday, May 8, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Kyle Duffield's piece Echolocation (Dynamic Aural Fragmentation) will be exhibited. The piece is located on Level 3 in Room 355.


Announcement: ArtSync Interview

An interview with Kyle Duffield which followed the opening of the Real-Time exhibition will appear on Artsync Television. In the interview Kyle briefly discusses his latest interactive video installation, myFace. Tune in this Friday January 21, 2011 on Rogers Channel 10 at 7p.m. to watch!



Computer hardware, software and the internet are seamlessly entwined with our (so-called) real lives. Jaspal Birdi, Erin Briggs, Kyle Duffield and Maria Ivanova take a critical look at the omnipresence of all things digital and search for worldly meaning in moments of virtual splinter.

Curated by Vanessa Nicholas

Aboveground Art Supplies is a proud supporter of the OCADU Student Gallery

OCAD Student Gallery

Coresteppers 11.1

Videodrome 2010

The battle for the mind of North America will be fought in the video arena, the Videodrome

Brian Oblivion, Videodrome 1983

VIDEODROME is a one-night audio/visual overdose. An evening of live audio/video performances and playback by 20 local and international producers of A/V media works with a strong audio-visual link, visual music. Simultaneously video and music made from video edits, where picture matches sound, cut for cut, beat for beat, for a serendipitous sensory unity, a synesthesia with an emphasis on intensity, a semi-gemastaltkunst for the youtube generation.

The Video Battle is a competition of audio/visual media work, the A/V battle, the VIDEODROME. Developed from the idea of the hip hop DJ battle, artists will throw down fast and hard attempting to out flash each other with selections, cuts and mixes extreme, humorous and dangerous. Underlining the importance of competition as a driving force in the building of a relevant and volatile cultural community, artists compete for prizes and for glory and for the exaltation of the crowd. Winners are determined by a panel of experts and by the cheers and jeers of the audience/dance floor.

VIDEODROME is a collision of video art, mash-up, VJ culture, and experimental electronic music and contemporary club culture, bridging the gaps between the sofa, the club and the art gallery. An audio/visual assault striving for sensory overload in the interest of breaking down boundaries between audience and artist, sight and sound, observation and hallucination, perception and creation.

Come hear angel snares, see devil base kicks, you - are - invited!

  • Alana Didur
  • Ankixa Risk
  • Augart
  • Bad Credit
  • Emad Dabiri
  • Dave Diaz
  • David Matton
  • Istvan Kantor
  • Jubal Brown
  • Kyle Duffield
  • Museum
  • Nohista
  • Nwodtlem
  • Ouananiche
  • Pete OHearn
  • Rko
  • Skeeter
  • Smearballs
  • TV Sheriff
  • Tzii

OCADSU Retrospective Show

The Retrospective is an annual exhibition sponsored by the Student Union, which has been successfully mounted at OCAD for the past 3 years. The show is entirely produced, curated and juried, and put up by students featuring works from all years and departments' accomplishments. The Retrospective is an exciting showcase of art and design juxtaposed in the one space.

This exhibition features video work by Kyle Duffield


John Street Launch Party

Video created by Claude Miceli. Technical consultation and video edditing by Kyle Duffield.

Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Toronto 2009

Moon-een on McCaul, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche at OCAD multimedia installation by Claude Miceli and Jean Christian Knaff.

Audio Editting by Kyle Duffield.


Lost Compound 02