Please Note: Youtube does not accept 60 frames per second video. Therefore, the documentation does not represent the full effect. You have to be there to experience it! Contact for a demo video that you can try yourself.


Chromastrobe is an interactive video installation designed to immerse and transform the body’s gestures into residual trails of alternating colours. The video consists of a rapid fluctuation between red, green, and blue frames (or the primary colours of the additive colour model that when combined create white light) that optically blend through sheer speed. However, unlike the traditional Structural flicker films that were designed strictly for optical presentation, Chromastrobe seeks to expand upon this concept through the user’s play and motion as they interact with space, light, and colour, to dictate pace, rhythm, and form. It is through kinesis that Chromastrobe deconstructs itself, filtering and offsetting gesture, vision, and performance into an illusory diffraction.


The video is flickering between red, green and blue frames at a rate of 60 frames per second. The flickering video is projected with a short throw projector to create an immersive colour field. There are two main effects from this. The first is that the user experiences “RGB trails” as they move within the space. The second is that the rapid transitions between colours start to create abstract patterns that are optical illusions/artifacts.


Chromastrobe was presented at Videodrome 2012 at the MOCCA.

Chromastrobe was also featured in the Corpus Lucida exhibition at Interacccess Electronic Media Arts Centre from July 20 - August 18, 2012.

Chromastrobe was also featured in the National Drone Day Toronto ||| Night Drones exhibition at Polish Combatants Hall on May 9, 2015.