Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol

Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol (The L.E.A.P. Engine) is a live-action gaming environment where the players are pitted against an ominous surveillance system gone awry.

The room is pitch black and filled with the hollow sound of a machine breathing. An intimidating series of red laser fences sizzle as they fire alternating patterns that slice through the fog-filled air as a maniacal digial face cackles at you. At the other end of the laser fences, an ominous red light illuminates a single keypad, your only hope against complete annihilation.

With a limited amount of time, the player must pass through a complicated series of changing and alternating laser patterns without tripping any of the lasers in order to deactivate the system and win the game. If the player trips a laser or if the timer runs out, it's game over. Up to the challenge?

Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol by Hopkins Duffield is Electric Perfume's first featured project, launched in Beta in 2015 and expansively continues development with the feedback and support of community players.

For more information about the project please see here.